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Smart Assistant

Imagine having a Smart Assistant working for you 24/7/365, allowing you to spend more time with your clients and growing your practice.

They never make a mistake, never go sick, and don’t need holidays.
Keap Phoneline and SMS available in the UK soon

Get back hours every week

Crush the chaos, say ta-ta to tedious tasks, and win back hours every week - more time to help clients and grow your practice.

Never Lose a Lead Again

Lost leads are lost business. Make it super-easy to contact you , then nurture leads to clients who want to come back for more.

Easy to Use - No Geekery Here!

Simple, easy-to-use systems that will make running your practice a pleasure, grow sales and impress your clients.

We’ll be right by your side with help, advice and training for as long as you want it – we’ll not leave you high and dry!

Keap Certified Partner

The Weekly 'Keap Clinic'

Even for simple-to-use systems, getting the most out them can seem pretty daunting. Our weekly Keap Clinic calls are your 'safe place' where no question is too basic or too silly. Drop in to the weekly Zoom calls when you need some help or advice. Our Grow and Pro packages each include one month FREE access to live calls and (coming soon) our archive of recordings.

What's included?

Secure Client Management

Get better organised, be more efficient with your time, and delight your clients every step of the way. All your client information is stored safely, and is accessible on all your devices.

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to keep your hypnotherapy practice uppermost in people's minds. Use it to generate revenue, nurture leads, close business, or keep your customers in the know. Keap is the simple next step toward powerful, personal client communication.

Easy Appointments

With Appointments, sending a link is all it takes. Your clients pick an available time to meet while you move on with your day.

A snapshot of your entire business

The Keap pipeline feature is an interactive way for you to track and manage your leads and clients throughout your sales process all in a single view.

Marketing Automation

Spend less time copying and pasting messages, manually following up with leads and clients, and more time meeting and serving your clients. Automate your marketing, sales and data entry with Keap.
(Keap Pro only)


Send quotes clients can accept in one click. Provide them with the full details of your services and pricing. They can accept with a single click.

Invoices & Payments

Accept credit cards, send invoices, and track who’s paid in the app.

Reporting & Insights

Look inside your business. Gain the valuable insights your information can provide to make smart business decisions.


We'll work with you to put measures in place to help you comply with GDPR.

AND with Keap Pro, you also get...

Easy Client Intake Processing

When a new client signs up, the intake forms, etc., can be automatically created and safely stored online.

Easy Enquiry Processing

Let clients and prospects easily book appointments directly in your calendar. Block off time you want to keep to yourself.

Safely Store Client Information

Relax, knowing that all your important client information is being stored securely.


Knowing how your products and services are helping your clients is vital. You won't know unless you ask. Relax. Your Smart Assistant can request feedback automatically.

eBook Lead Magnet

Not everyone who visits your website will be ready to take to book. Make sure they don't leave without providing their details. How? Offer a free guide, tips, etc., in return for their name and email address.

'Next Session' Reminder Emails

Make sure your clients don't miss a meeting. Emails reminding them when they next need to show up can be sent automatically.

Follow-up Reminders

Lost leads are lost business. Your Smart Assistant helps you easily keep track of who you need to follow-up with and when.

Easy Email Templates

Find yourself sending the same email to leads and clients over and over. Create custom email templates with personalisation. 

Follow-up Reminders

Let clients and prospects easily book appointments directly in your calendar. Block off time you want to keep to yourself.

What is Keap Grow?

Find out in this short video tour of Keap Grow…

Keap Phoneline and SMS available in the UK soon

What is Keap Pro?

Keap Pro gives you everything in Keap Grow plus a whole lot more…

Keap Phoneline and SMS available in the UK soon

The 3-Step Setup Process

1. Choose Your Package

2. Get set up

3. Get more business for less work

Why work with me and my team?

How it Works

Getting you set up is super-easy.

To ensure you know what information we need, and avoid the email ping-pong uncertainty around this can create, we use a Content Collection System (ContentSnare).

Bitesize guides will help you through every step of the process.

Get in touch if you become stuck at any point.

This short video shows you what to expect…

What do you get

  • Grow
  • Pro
Heading GrowPro
+ £97 setup
+ £197 setup
Software PackageKeap GrowKeap Pro
Client management
Quotes, invoices & payments
Marketing automation
Recurring payments
- Automatic Follow-up Emails
- Send weekly emails for a year
- Request feedback
- Quickly add email
- 'Before our meeting' email
- 'Cancelled appointmens'
- Lead magnet eBook
- Full setup
- Training (delivered online via Zoom with recording made available after)45 minutes1 hour
Other Bonuses
Access to weekly Keap Clinic Zoom call help sessionsFree for 1 monthFree for 1 month
Buy NowBuy Now
Prices include VAT

Bonus Tools & Processes Explained

We have created an exclusive set of bonus tools and processes that will be loaded into your Keap Pro app when you sign up for Smart Customer Management & Automation.

They come ready to customised with your own details and content.

Does the prospect of drowning in 10 years-worth of client paperwork and notes have you weeping into your pillow?

Clear the clutter and chaos of filing cabinets overflowing with folders and papers by storing your client documents online.

To make this easy for you, your Keap Pro app will come with our bonus tool #1: Automatic Creation of Client Folders.

Working with your Google Drive (your filing cabinet in the cloud), when the first paid consultation is booked, a folder for the client will automatically be created.

Creating the same client documents over and over can be a real pain. Bonus #2 takes some of the hassle out of this for you.

When the client’s Google Drive folder is created, it will also have your client starter documents automatically added. The documents will be created from pre-made templates and have the client’s details pre-filled where necessary.

What the heck is lead magnet? First, let’s talk about what a lead is: typically, it’s a potential client for your practice.

A lead magnet is a piece of content that attracts the type of leads you want for your practice.

Lead magnets come in a variety of forms:

  • An ebook/PDF whitepaper
  • Video
  • Webinar

The one thing that lead magnets all have in common is that they offer value. What you offer should be valuable enough for a person to want it badly enough that they will give you their details in return. That means no selling! What you put in a lead magnet needs to be informative and solve a problem your target audience experiences.

When you put together your lead magnet, think about your audience’s pain points and ask yourself if you’re solving them. If you can say ‘Yes’, then you have yourself a great lead magnet.

The main reason lead magnets are used is to grow your email list. Once a person has given permission to email them, you can build a relationship with them.

If you’re struggling to think of what you could create for a lead magnet, we can help.

Bonus #3 includes:

  • a website form for capturing leads’ names and email addresses;
  • delivery of the lead magnet via email where the recipient clicks a button in the email to access it;
  • reminders are emailed to the lead if they don’t click the download button within a certain period of time;
  • once the lead magnet has been accessed, follow-up emails are sent inviting the recipient to schedule an initial consultation.

Ideally, your new lead will be ready to book for paid therapy after their initial consultation.

But, what if they’re not?

Bonus #4 will automatically send a series of follow-up emails that can tell them more about how your therapies work, the benefits, and how to book.

The emails can be stopped when an appointment is subsequently booked.

If your lead does not go on to book paid therapy sessions, or they don’t even book an initial consultation, it’s still worth keeping in touch with them. It may just be that they’re not quite ready to take that next step yet. This is done by bonus #5.

A long-term nurture ‘campaign’ sends out regular content at timed intervals for you automatically. Your Keap Pro app keeps track of exactly where every one of your leads is in the campaign, which email they’re to receive and when it’s to be sent to them.

If they do book an appointment with you, no matter where they are in this campaign, they can be pulled out of it automatically.

Long-term nurture campaigns are ideal for keeping you uppermost in your lead’s mind when the time comes for them to take that next step.

And this can all be done for you automatically, even while you’re asleep.

How did your last consultation go? Is your client happy? How can you find out? After the consultation, an email can be sent to your client with a simple request: “How do you feel your consultation went? 😊, ok or ☹?”

If the client clicks the smiley face 😊, they can be invited to leave reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google My Business.

However, if they click on ‘OK’ or the frowny face ☹, you can be automatically notified, and a task created for you to contact them to find out why they feel that way. This gives you the opportunity to turn a potentially unhappy client into a fan because you took the time to ensure they feel cared about.

You’ll not want the relationship with your client to end after their final therapy session. Bonus #7 will help you keep in touch with clients after their final session.

This could be follow-up advice and tips, well-being information, etc., which is sent out a regular, timed intervals over months or even years.

Your clients will appreciate the information and you’re remaining uppermost in their mind for when they may need more help or a ‘top-up’ session.

Grow & Pro Setup

What we'll set up for you:
  • Grow
  • Pro
Heading GrowPro
See above for pricing
See above for pricing
Business info
Google Calendar Synchronisation
Payments via Stripe and PayPal
Setup of appointment types
Marketing automation
Recurring payments
Customisation of all emails
Automatic creation of pre-populated client documents in Google Drive folder
Lead magnet:
- capture of lead’s name & email address
- Deliver lead magnet via email
- Send follow-up emails encouraging sign-up for initial consultation
Initial consultation follow-up
Long term nurture
Post-consultation follow-up
Long term ‘keeping in touch’
Anniversary offer
Training (delivered online via Zoom with recording made available after)45 minutes1 hour
See PricingSee Pricing

More ways we can help...

Branding & Design

First impressions count, so make sure it's the right one. Professionally created branding gains you trust with prospective clients. Don't let yourself down with dodgy design!


Your website can make or break your practice. It's your shop window, so don't blow it with a bad website. Give prospective clients the confidence they need that you're the right therapist for them. Already have a website? We can help you with it.

Social Media

Even if you've been on Facebook for years, using it for business can still scare the bejesus out of you. From the basics to the fancy stuff, we'll guide you through it withour Scary-Free guarantee.



If the thought of talking to a camera fills you with dread, you're not alone. Video is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across, and we help make it simple for you to do.

Ongoing Help


Keeping on top of It's so much easier to do with like-minded people around you. The Savvy Business Academy is where you can inspire and be inspired.

Need anything explained further?

While we’ve made the whole process as simple as possible, you’ll likely still have some questions. So, let’s jump on a Zoom video call and get them answered for you.

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